Joesph Wright Vesuvius in Eruption, Derby Museums Trust


Introducing The Grand Tour artists…

From Joseph Wright to Rem Koolhaas and Pablo Bronstein, the only thing that these artists have in common is their visionary genius. The Grand Tour’s main four exhibitions this summer will showcase their individual talents.

  • Simon Starling

  • The Grand Tour will be Simon Starling’s largest UK solo show to date, occupying all 4 of Nottingham Contemporary’s gallery spaces, including a retrospective of his work and two new commissions.

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Joesph Wright Vesuvius in Eruption, Derby Museums Trust
  • Joseph Wright

  • “Joseph Wright’s portraits are as memorable as any in British art – and he produced genre pictures as original as any painted in Europe at that time.” (The Telegraph)

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Pablo Bronstein Theatre Section with Stage Design for an Oliver Cromwell Ballet 2014 Courtesy Herald St London and Franco Noero Turin
  • Pablo Bronstein

  • “Bronstein’s work revels in the pleasure of breaking rules, throwing forgotten incongruities and wild fictions into the well-ordered world of history. This spirit of provocation appears in whatever Bronstein makes.” (Frieze magazine)

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Raumfolgen 135 2001
  • Rem Koolhaas

  • “Koolhaas is a champion of the new.” (The New Yorker)

    “I would say he’s the most comprehensive thinker in the profession today. He’s the hope for the cities.” (Frank Gehry)

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